D. Kochanovich / PRESENCE

- Don't forget about presence of the Universe.

Dmitry Kochanovich entirely belongs to a classical type of the artists-aesthetes that feel the Divine within the world around, with is a variety of phenomenal embodiment. Gravitating to the idea of aesthetic transformation, he invents ambient symbols that restore integrity of the world-view. Gentle hints and mystical revelations, obscure premonitions and realistic symbols have merged in his pictures to the associative stream investigating a secret nature of the Spirit. Some slight invariance of the sensual elements delicately inserted into fantastic plots, only underlines an aspiration to a mystical knowledge of the objective reality. Being absorbed by the graphic world, the artist guides the spectator over labyrinths of his creative consciousness, staging one's perception of harmony of the irreal. This special confidential condition of familiarizing with a slightly opened secret sets a certain tonality to the empatic process connecting a spiritual essence with a material environment together.

Today the creative energy of the artist is concentrated on revival of traditional psychological and aesthetic basis of the art, contributing to a generous exchange of emotions. Avoiding vulgar frontal modes in his picturesque method, the author maintains the mimetic beginning that allows the images to be visually attractive. The refined passage of the artist's picturesque state immerses in charming, soft air-light aura where all is subordinated to the internal harmony of an artistic images.

Persistent search of the cosmogonic universal beginning in the world around has naturally led Dmitry Kochanovich to an artistic penetration to the unsurpassed on picturesque beauty and harmony graphic worlds of his great predecessors. By the means of studying of their painting style he has made true openings which are consonant with his aesthetic experiences. When he has deeply felt the magic force of the old masters' creativity, he has adopted their tradition of creation of the ideal graphic world, where it is difficult to separate external perfection of forms from internal force of images.

These tendencies are especially appreciable in the picturesque series "the Presence" where the artist creates various symbolical ties which though are concrete, cannot exist in reality. In each episode the signs of someone's presence, belief, desires, will, love, something that is imperceptible, but important, that does not give in to retouching and what it is almost impossible to discard is felt. This sensation of the truth's presence is capable to resist disappointment in a human nature and the world's imperfection. It forms the positive force field, invisibly influencing our consciousness. Appearing in the most unexpected drama situations, it gives us a hope and reconciliation, allowing to become closer to a pervasive love. By means of poetic incantation, musical rhythm, and artistic image the protective cover resounding with ether forces is formed. Under their influence various feelings, boldness of desires, impudence of dream - all without what the human life is senseless are updated. Gradually under the love's influence the chain of positive events again filling a vessel of life is formed. The revived research energy prepares us for a meeting with the inscrutability. Then formerly unfamiliar sensations that support life spirit, allow us to be different. To be a sea wind, a rain, a thunder-storm, a sail, a streaming silk, a magic tape, a twisting spiral. To be dissolved in a prompt flight over a canyon, to be a celestial body, the Milky Way, a universal darkness and eternal light. To die away in a kiss, to become a parting and a game. To be simultaneously in different time dimensions and different places, to observe air movement and to be this movement at the same time, creating languor on phenomenon that has already come true and deeply shook all human essence. Unexpected projections of real panoramas, which appear through translucent silk screens, create that symbolical focus, through which the artist channels a spectator to the eternity. In each picture of a picturesque series there exists some visually-psychological code, which subtly reconstructs a vibrating atmosphere of accustoming to almost imperceptible organic matter. These eluding states imperceptibly supervise a stream of sensations, switching a spectator to different emotional rhythms.

It is known that strong emotional experiences caused by a casual meeting with significant visual fragments are able to develop into concrete history. Periodically significant symbols arise in a strange beautiful dream, or in ideal pictures of the artist, or in the unmotivated situations influencing upon the consciousness. Gradually these bright displays of the higher instants of the life turn to the precious energy radiating echo that connects a reality with romantic memoirs. Awaking in the most unexpected places and at different periods of human existence, they remind of uninterrupting bond with an internal microcosm. So, a baby's smile that has accidentally flashed during an inexpressive life period, is able to revive a will to live. Merging with our internal sensations, memories about the different compose our true personality, forming comfortable reach with far substances. The mystical realism of Kochanovich is deprived of emotional and plastic suppressions.

The energy is totally directed on an embodiment of the cult purpose - on rapture and admiration for the absolute qualities of art. So, the artist's strictly academic painting style changes the reality, as if returning to painting the refined height by giving an illusory hope for a presence of the beautiful to spectators.